By Ling Zhang

The term “new era” is often used when referring to an improved or perhaps promising new period of time – for example, many Chinese will recall a popular song called Entering into New Era, describing China’s bright future. Recent developments, however, suggest that the foreseeable new era for video-on-demand websites in China may be an unwelcomed development for some. Under newly issued policies and the forthcoming PRC Law on Promotion of Film Industry (“Film Law”), it is anticipated that video-on-demand websites will encounter a number of issues and challenges that they will have no choice but to address.Continue Reading New Era for Video-on-Demand Websites in China

By Amin Amirkia

China’s major Beijing-based microblogging service providers will institute real name identification systems by March 16, 2012. This will require users to register with the service providers by such date with their state-issued IDs. Users who do not register by March 16, 2012 will still be able to login to their accounts, but will only be permitted to browse postings on the sites and not transmit messages.Continue Reading Deadline Approaches For Users Of Beijing-Based Microblogs To Register With Their State-Issued IDs

Statistics from China Internet Network Information Center shows that in 2009, China’s online game market reached 25.8 billion Yuan, a 39.5% increase from the previous year. Online game subscribers reached 265 million, representing a 41.5% growth. While the online game market continues to develop rapidly, a plethora of legal issues remain unsolved. In an attempt to bring clarity to this gray sector, the Ministry of Culture (the “MOC”) issued the “ Interim Measures For The Administration Of Online Games” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which for the first time systematically and clearly defines the content of online games, market players, business activities, operations, and legal responsibility.Continue Reading Ground Breaking Rules Governing Online Games

Electronic sports games ("E-sports games") have been sweeping across China as elsewhere in the world, and the sector in China is developing at a rapid and accelerating pace. More and more foreign E-sports companies are taking aim at the Chinese market.  With E-sports games gaining tremendous popularity in China, more and more foreign companies are aiming at the Chinese market.  However, upon entering China with enthusiasm, foreign enterprises are often paralyzed by Chinese regulations.Continue Reading Dilemma for Foreign Enterprises in the E-Sports Gaming Sector in China