On September 22, 2009, China made its last-minute appeal of the August 12, 2009 World Trade Organization ("WTO") panel ruling on Chinese publication and entertainment distributions restrictions, invoking "public morals" as a defense. The case was brought to the WTO by the United States in April 2007, attracting extensive attention from both sides. The appeal again escalates the trade tensions between the two partners, following the United States’ imposition of tariffs on tires from China and appeal of another WTO ruling on China’s protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.Continue Reading China Appeals WTO Ruling Against Chinese Import Restrictions on Publications and Entertainment Products

On December 15, 2008, the Appellate Body of WTO released the final report concerning the issue of automobile accessories between China as a party and Canada, European Union and the U.S.A as another party. This report contained the decision on the same issue by the Expert Panel of WTO on July 2008, and brought in the verdict that China’s policy related to this case violated the “National Treatment Principle” of WTO Rules. This is the first time China lost a case after joining this worldwide organization.Continue Reading WTO Judges China’s Policy Against The Rules On Auto-Component Import